A long-time resident of Busselton and a member of local art societies and groups for more than 20 years, I am continually inspired by and attracted to the beauty of the south-west coastline and enjoy using a vast variety of mediums and subjects. 

I have been fortunate to receive multiple awards for my artwork and am humbled with the knowledge that my pieces are scattered throughout my local and metropolitan region, as well as nationally and internationally, in places such as the Queensland, New South Wales, United Kingdom, USA, Canada and China.  

I mainly paint in an impressionistic / realistic style, but welcome challenges.  I am currently dabbling in areas out of my comfort zone, and love learning and trialing a variety of new applications and techniques. 

Through plein air painting, I enjoy immersing myself in nature, experiencing and portraying my various reactions to the environment at that given moment; as I capture the qualities of the subject at hand. The aim being to portray all of those aspects in the end result.

Working in my home studio, which frequently spreads to other areas of the household, is equally enjoyable. I love to share my passion with anyone who shows an interest and have been referred to as ‘obsessed’ where art is concern – but that’s a label that I am happy to endure.

I hope you enjoy your journey through my website.

Cheers Steve

Upcoming 2019 Exhibitions

  • Fringe Dwellers 1st – 31st March – an exhibition featuring Abstracted Artworks –

           WHERE:  Busselton Art Society – 4 Queen Street, Busselton (opposite ArtGeo)

  • Shine Like a Diamond – 1st April to 30th June- celebrating  Busselton Art Society’s 60th Year

           WHERE:  Busselton Art Society – 4 Queen Street, Busselton (opposite ArtGeo)

  • Cape Artists’ Easter Exhibition 19th – 23rd April

           WHERE:  Yallingup Hall, 2305 Caves Road, Yallingup

  • Margaret River Region Open Studio – 27th April to 12 May – a variety of artwork exhibited from my Home Studio.

           WHERE: 4 Pipit Court, Broadwater (Busselton)