Steve was born in Brisbane, Queensland but raised in Perth Western Australia. With his wife Josie and then infant daughter, Steve moved to the South West in 1992 for work purposes, but always had an affinity with the south coast as being a keen surfer, he frequently visited this area. Since relocating, Steve’s parents and brother soon migrated down south from the city and now with 3 children, Steve continues to love living in this beautiful corner of his paradise.

As a child Steve was regularly seen with a pencil in his hand and drew anything and everything from American Presidents out of his parents’ set of encyclopedias to the planes and tanks from watching the TV show “Combat”, or drawing dinosaurs, which attracted most boys of that young age.  Steve attended a handful of courses through his adolescent / young adult life, but never settled in this formal style of education, so he learnt his craft on his own through trial and error and was courageous to embrace the ‘have a go’ attitude.